"I just want to thank you so very much for the AMAZING experience at ...Glow today! I had my first ever facial which was pure heaven. If spa services could be described as "delicious", my facial certainly fit the bill. I will be back for sure!"
Jennifer M
"I just had to thank you for a most wonderful afternoon at Glow Spa. I am completely in love with your wonderful paradise and will most definitely be making regular visits. The minute I walked through the door I started to relax and after 4 hours I felt like I had just spent a weekend of total pampering. The surroundings are incredibly beautiful, warm and inviting and the staff are outstanding. Their attention to detail is incredible and they make you feel so wonderfully special. My skin has never felt so fantastic - so healthy and glowing. My husband keeps commenting every day how beautiful my skin looks and that I look 10 years younger - offered to make this a monthly treat!."
"I never worried about my skin before, figuring blotches and blemishes were just a normal occurance of a busy life. The GLOW SPA staff introduced me to an easy-to-use, completely natural skin care line that fit into my minimal beauty regime. Not only do I love the indulgence of a late night refining mask, or a midday spritz, but people are commenting on how great my skin looks. Why did I wait so long to feel this good?"
Michelle D.
"Outstanding customer service is obviously important to GLOW SPA, even for the smallest details. Staff always listen carefully to my needs and are there to respond to them. I feel like they treat all of me -- not just my feet when I go for a pedicure."
Mellissa L.
"A feeling of calm and peacefulness greet you when you walk through the doors at GLOW SPA. I have always been wary of any type of facial and facial product until my experience at GLOW SPA. After a skin consultation and an amazing facial I decided to try the recommended Dermalogica products - I am now officially hooked!"
Andrea T.
"I've tried a number of treatments at GLOW SPA and now I'm addicted to the Customized Treatment Facial! When the facial's finished, my face looks refreshed and younger. I trust them to recommend the right skin products and treatments - without pressure to buy anything. I just lay back, enjoy the soothing atmosphere and relax. And yes, I really do Glow when I walk out the door!"
Carol W.
"New to the spa world, I have fallen in love with facials and massages. You not only "glow" on the outside but on the inside. This is truly "freedom 55" for myself."
Diane D.
“When a spa claims to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating time away from everyday stress, Glow Spa definitely fulfills that criteria. Located in the middle of uptown Toronto, Glow Spa offers a variety of services to meet every need. I have never been treated as graciously as I was during my day to be pampered. I left the Glow Spa feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more than ready to re-enter my work week.”
“Glow Spa is what got me through this long, dreary winter. Their Body Smoothing Salt Glow kept me relaxed and my skin silky soft. Their friendly and nurturing staff always knew what I needed; I can't wait to see what they recommend for summer!!!”
"How many times have you been in a spa treatment feeling like you are just the 100th person to get a facial that day and the esthetician is just going through the motions? How about the massage when you say press harder and nothing changes? Or the eyelash tint when the dye is leaking into your eyes but the esthetician has left the room and you are helpless? Go to Glow. Great treatments, personal service, good karma, and professional advice. I live in the west end, but it's worth the trip over to Bayview. Keep up the great work gals, and then open in Bloor West Village!”
“It is such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and my skin has never looked better!”
“What a warm, inviting environment!! Terrific staff and a great selection of products and services. Glow is exactly what this city (& its tired mothers) needs. Keep up the good work ladies.”
“Glow Spa is wonderful! It is a beautiful, calming and relaxing space. The products used feel great, smell lovely, and do wonders for me. Completely refreshing experience each time I have a treatment. Notice the word "treat" in treatment. Very refreshing "no attitude" atmosphere. It is the best!”
“The best Spa experience in the City!”
“As a self professed 'spa junky' I have been privileged to experience the city's finest, still water, spa baby, chi - the addition of Glow Spa surpasses them all! The atmosphere is luxurious & indulgent without pretense and the services are delivered consistently & professionally by an incredibly knowledgeable team. Kudos to Glow!”
“Glow Spa is truly amazing! It is everything that I want in a spa. It is conveniently located right in my neighbourhood. Jennie and Marcie are friendly, knowledgable and very professional. The Glow Spa is welcoming from the moment you walk into the front doors. It is warm and comforting - an oasis in Leaside!Glow Spa gift certificates are definitely on the top of my Christmas list.”
“The warmest environment - like going into a cosy livingroom at your best friends house and wanting to curl up with a warm cup of tea. Excellent staff and services”
“Why go to those busy and overpriced spas when you can relax at Glow? You'll be addressed by name as you come in, and they'll remember which products you favour. The spa is classy and elegant, and instead of extravagant decor you'll find attentive, personal service. How about a foot rub while your mask sets? You won't be sorry - go there.”
“An office manager in our firm had first reccommended GLOW SPA to me as she had visited it, being a wonderful new spot on Bayview in her neighbourhood. I loved it!!!!! The owners Marci and Jennie are wonderful-living a dream and it's obvious how much they care about people and you when you open the frosted glass doors that say"GLOW”. These two ladies have years of experience in the business and are in it because they love it and want to make sure the client is happy. We, in Toronto, are so lucky they finally cut the ribbon and opened their sanctuary. Get the lemon tea and heating pad ready girls - I'll be back.”
J.S.- Toronto
“I loved it! Great services (the best facial I've ever had!), great surroundings and exceptional service. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone.”
“It is the best kept secret in TO. Hard to believe that you can get such a feeling of calm and peace in the city...I drive in from the suburbs for my pampering fix!”
“Glow Spa takes the time to treat you as an individual - determines what your personal expectations are and then goes for the WOW experience. Incredible, wonderful staff and outstanding atmosphere. Take a trip to Heaven!”
“Friendly, relaxed environment - you feel like you're over at a girlfriend's place. There is absolutely NO attitude which is a welcome break from most spas in the city. The massage therapist is to die for, the mani-peds are excellent and the facial is the best in the city. Glow is a little slice of heaven...!”
“A friend referred me to Glow Spa a few months ago, and I have since evolved from "the odd bikini wax at Glow" to "I don't have anything done anywhere other than Glow". Even when you stop in for a quick bikini wax, it feels like a comfy break just being in there. I give it full marks for comfort, atmosphere, service, and all around excellent value. Well done”.
"For over 10 years, I have enjoyed various esthetic services at Glow Spa. My experiences with the Massage Therapists at Glow have been outstanding! I always feel like "a million bucks" after a Theraputic Massage treatment, with tightness and soreness in my back, neck and shoulders gone. Each Registered Therapist is extremely pleasant and professional and has extensive experience that provides great results. Thank you Glow, for providing such a lovely and caring environment with superior service."
Merry S.
“What I like most about Glow Spa is the feeling as you walk into the spa...the welcoming staff and soothing scent. I know I will have an enjoyable experience”