Our Story


GLOW SPA was started in March 2002 by two women, Marci Weinstein and Jennie Kay. Two self-proclaimed spa junkies, we each had a dream – to go to work everyday at a job we loved, to do something that we were passionate about, and to try to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

A great partnership was formed in the summer of 2000. Marci had recently left her job as VP Product and Marketing for a personal care retailer, after 15 years in the retail industry, and was dreaming about what the next step on her career journey would be. Jennie had just returned to her National Trainer position after maternity leave, and began to discover how much she missed the one-on-one client care she used to provide as an Esthetician and Spa Owner.

New neighbours, we were “chatting over the fence” one day and discovered that we would make a fantastic team. We saw an opportunity to combine our skills and experience to create the kind of space that we, as spa consumers, would love to go to. A spa that combined everything we loved about the spa experience – the soothing surroundings we enjoyed at an out-of-town destination spa, the variety of treatments provided by large downtown spas, the personal service offered by neighbourhood estheticians, and a more holistic approach to well-being embraced by alternative health practitioners. Our shared vision and passion, along with our individual skills and experience, combined to create a powerful partnership.

What followed was 18 months of planning and preparation. Customer and industry research, business plans, financing, location search, product and service selection, design, construction … a roller-coaster ride of learning and accomplishment. It took a lot of hard work, some patience, and more than a little faith, but it was all worth it. Waking up each morning, knowing we’ll be doing what we love, that’s what the dream was all about!